New Head Chef, Jonathan Williams


12 November 2018

Hereford Racecourse is pleased to announce new Head Chef, Jonathan Williams.

Born in Somerset, Jonathan has enjoyed three years at Arena Racing Company sister racecourse, Bath, where has focused on creating new and interesting menus with locally-sourced produce.

"We've designed the menus to fit with our suppliers, which allow us to source locally and are therefore able to put a spin and modernise the food we are providing.

"We like to work with local suppliers to celebrate the best that the area has to offer. We have had incredible feedback for the food at Bath Racecourse, as well as winning numerous awards." Jonathan said.

“On a busy race day, it’s my job to make sure everything is planned two or three days beforehand. The atmosphere in the kitchen is great; there are lots of personalities in there and lots of chefs to deal with. It’s always pumped, it’s always busy and there are people everywhere."There’s a lot to do, a lot to get on with and it’s a challenge. But at the end of the day, it’s a nice feeling knowing you’ve fed that amount of people and that they are, hopefully, going home happy.

"We are very much hoping that the people of Hereford will also enjoy what we have to offer."

Executive Director, Rebecca Davies added; "We are delighted to welcome Jonathan and his team to Hereford and are hugely excited

Guests can enjoy our new menu in the Rusty Bridge Restaurant on racedays throughout the winter, as well as in our Private Boxes. More information on upcoming racedays can be found here.

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