A beautiful white Lilly
A beautiful white Lilly
Funeral Receptions

In a beautiful and tranquil environment.

Funerals & Wakes

Funeral Receptions at Hereford Racecourse

At Hereford Racecourse, our dedicated team know what a difficult and emotional time arranging a funeral can be and we do all we can to ensure a peaceful and appropriate occasion which reflects your wishes. The venue offers views across the countryside, with wonderful scenery that allows you to remember your loved ones in a calm environment.

A couple in dark clothing embrace

We understand that the pressure of organising a wake or funeral reception during this emotional time can be overwhelming. Our team are on hand to help make arrangements and can help arrange local vendors to bring all the details of the day together, and take any additional pressure off you.

A few pink roses between several white lillies.

Our team are on hand to work with you to create a peaceful day. To find out more, please contact us.

Email: info@hereford-racecourse.co.uk
Phone: 01432 273560

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